Is .Wav Pool’s music “one-stop”?

Yes, all of our music is pre-cleared and ready to drop in your project. Before we send a license we’ll need to determine the rate for the type of use first. Please send us info about the project, preferably a brief or rough cut, and we’ll email you back right away with a quote. Normally, we can turn around a license in the same day.

Is .Wav Pool’s music “royalty free”?

We charge one up front fee for sync and performance licenses for all web uses. All of the music is subject to performance royalties in certain other situations such as Television or Theatre. We do not collect any royalties on behalf of the artist.

Do you have a rate sheet?

Every project is different, so it’s difficult to establish set rates specifically for media such as web content or advertising. Our fees generally fall in between those of low cost production libraries and the larger major labels. Because every project is different, we are open to working with your budget.

How do I pay for a license?

Once we figure out terms and pricing, we’ll send you a link to a web app to receive documents and pay (or defer) your invoice.

How do I login to your catalog?

You may log in one of two ways.

The first method, will require you to log into one of 4 different accounts: Facebook, Google (Gmail), Dropbox, or Twitter. You will use a pre-existing user name and password for one of these services. We will not have access to ANY of your info, passwords, or data from these accounts, only your full name. Once you have logged in, you will be prompted to send a request to gain access. Once you send a request via the provided form, we will then whitelist your account and notify you immediately. You will have access to use all of the features, including favorites.

The second, easiest, but temporary method is by obtaining a password from your .Wav Pool representative. This will allow you to log in, stream, and download music. It will not allow you to favorite tracks and you won’t be able to create custom playlists to send to your collaborators. Your password will be temporary and maybe changed at any time.

Why do I need to use one of my Facebook, Google, Dropbox, or Twitter accounts to login?

This method only verifies permission to access our catalog using your name and account type. We will not have access to ANY of your info, passwords, or data from these accounts, only your full name. We use this method to reduce the number of logins you have and that exist in our database. Also, if we do not have to supply technical support for your user or password, then we have more time to curate good music.

Why do I need to license music?

If you are including music in your production, it needs to be cleared for use by the copyright owner or it’s administrators. Generally we charge a fee for each music license based on it’s use, especially for commercially marketed, or promoted productions. Drop us a line so we can quote you a price based on what type of production the song is going to be used for.

I am in need of a song, where can I listen to the tracks you have available for use?

You can go to the Catalog section of the website.

How much are the licensing fees?

Each of your projects is one of a kind, so there are various factors that are considered when determining the fee for licensing a song. You should email us with the details of the project including the name of the company producing the project, where the project will be published (web, social, etc), and the song you would like to use. We do not currently have a standard rate card.

I am looking for a song that sounds just like a song I heard on a commercial today, will you guys make it for me?

No, we are not a production house and we do not copy others work. We source music from real artists who spend a lot of time working on their art. Each song we have has an original sound.

I am looking for a song that sounds like or has the same vibe as a song I heard today, can you send me something similar?

Yes, we can build you playlists based on your needs. Just let us know what you are looking for, drop us an email at, with examples, links or a description.

What kind of music do you have in your catalog?

While our foundation lies in the beat culture. We have many years experience as curators of every genre of popular music. We also dive deep into every subgenre of music old and new. We are experts in musical aesthetic. The music we include in our catalog are often variants or combinations of every kind of music known to human kind, but never trite and always original.

I have a project that has no budget, will the artist be ok with only receiving song credits?

Sorry, we generally don’t license music for free. If you are an organization, or working on a project for a fundraiser for a special cause email us, and we’ll try to help. Otherwise it is not specifically our line of business to promote artists, rather to acquire sync fees for each use.